How to Turn Off Conversation Mode in Outlook Web App

The default setting for all the email folders in Outlook Web App is "conversation mode". This mode groups all the messages for a particular conversation together to make it easier to find them. Many people like this, but many others do not and would like to turn it off. One problem with Conversation mode is that a conversation is decided by subject and if you have a lot of messages with the same subject (or no subject), they will get grouped together whether they are part of the same conversation or not.

Fortunately turning off conversation mode is easy to do.

In your inbox, find the "Filter" option on the right and click the little arrow to get a menu. Then find "Show as" and choose "Messages" instead of "Conversations". To turn them on again, just do the reverse. It's that easy!

One thing to note is that if you want to organize your sent items the same way, you do have to repeat the process. The setting only affects the folder you set it on.

Conversations Off

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Thank you!

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